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Wickr and AWS:
Simple, Fast and Secure Healthcare Collaboration

Healthcare requires collaboration without compromising security. Wickr is an Amazon Web Service designed to simplify the complexity of healthcare collaboration without compromising security. Easily share very sensitive information including PII/PHI as part of any workflow.

Integrate realtime voice, video, text and file transfers with existing out of band communications for many complex scenarios including: pandemic response, emergency response, telemedicine, executive communications and more.

Healthcare Leaders Trust AWS

Transform the Healthcare Experience you Deliver

One of the biggest barriers to effective healthcare collaboration is the ability to share sensitive PII/PHI information securely. Wickr operates in compliance with your enterprise security standards and in compliance with HIPAA using zero-trust 256 bit end to end encryption of voice, video, text and files in 1:1 settings or authorized group settings.

Dynamically create a collaborative secure room with multiple disparate stakeholders. Rooms allow members to share files, plans, location information and more. Wickr even allows for coordination between multiple government agencies and private organizations in real time.

Streamline Telehealth and care coordination. A provider or physician assistant can create a secure room for the patient and invite them along with nursing staff and other members of the care team. The patient is given moderator permissions allowing them to invite other members they would like as part of their care team. The invitation to join the room is equivalent to consent. Each member of the care team is now fully informed and can collaborate in realtime. Files and information including PHI/PII data can be shared in a compliant manner.

Rooms can expire after the visit or persist for long term care based on the needs of the patient and provider. EHR and other internal system integrations are possible with easy-to-create bots.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, government agencies at the Federal, State and Local levels needed to coordinate sensitive communications within the agencies and between stakeholders. These out of band communications were happening over the phone, email and SMS text. Many of these communications mechanisms were compromised as evidenced by this report.

Wickr makes it easy to implement seamless out of band communications that are integrated with sensitive internal communications for complete security and privacy.

I Have So Many Collaboration Tools, Why is Wickr Different?

Healthcare organizations today already use a number of collaboration tools. Wickr is not a replacement for these tools. Instead, Wickr is designed to augment existing workflows with an easy-to-use secure communications platform designed for mobile and edge environments. Your organization has most likely made significant investments in protecting your internal systems and networks, but the evolution of IT to mobile and edge devices has made it difficult to maintain the same security posture as before.

Wickr is designed to extend today’s IT infrastructure with the highest levels of encryption possible while maintaining a delightful customer experience for users getting important work done.

For example, providing healthcare in remote locations where the provider may not have access to the IT systems but can conduct secure text message exchanges. In this scenario, privacy and security become a key concern. Wickr provides the solution with zero-trust, end-to-end encrypted and compliant collaboration.

Global Federation

Your Secure Link Between Private Sector Devices and Government Clients

Administrators of private Wickr networks can allow users with free public accounts to communicate with those inside of the protected network without compromising its security.

Complete Security

Government agencies need to communicate with complete security in order to remain protected from both foreign and domestic cyber threats. These threats have only increased as more employees have begun working remotely. Wickr recognizes those threats and provides complete security for all of your collaboration needs.

Built by a team of proven cybersecurity experts, Wickr is an end-to-end encrypted, ephemeral collaboration platform. Wickr is designed to protect highly sensitive communication, data, and file transfers between and throughout governmental agencies. All communications have the same level of security and privacy as a face-to-face conversation.

Secure Collaboration and Compliance for Healthcare

With full control, total compliance, and complete security, Wickr allows organizations to communicate without compromise.

Wickr provides secure and ephemeral collaboration applications that help health care workers and organizations comply with HIPAA safeguards to protect their information while in transit over communication networks and at rest on organizational devices.

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